Hello, Véronique here, and welcome to my website! I’m so happy you’ve stopped by! I have lots of content coming your way, so stay tuned 😉

I’m not a one subject kind of gal, so I couldn’t let my website be that either! This is the schedule that I have prepared:

Mondays: I’ll be reviewing a piece of art, music, literature, video game story or a character analysis. This will rotate every week.

Tuesdays: An article related to writing, whether I share where I’m at in my writing journey, an essay or some writing advice.

Wednesdays: This I have named Word Wizard Wednesday! This segment will explore obscure words, what they mean and my thoughts on them.

Thursdays: A rotation of Bookish DIY projects, Bookish item reviews and Healthy recipes for writers.

Fridays: A piece from my personal creative writing collection. I will rotate between micro-fiction and poetry.

I hope you enjoy the variety! 🙂

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My thoughts on “Mother 3”

MOTHER 3 is a powerful game that shows themes of feudalism versus technocracy, Darwinistic natural selection, individualism and conformity, and nature versus technology. MOTHER 3 begins in Tazmily Village, a utopian paradise where humans and nature live in harmony. One day, an army of Pig-like soldiers invades the area and transforms the local wildlife into … Continue reading My thoughts on “Mother 3”

Injecting Authenticity in your Writing

Does this sound familiar? You’re sitting in front of your laptop, staring at a blank screen, or your current unfinished project. A fear sets in. A fear of making mistakes, fear that what you wrote would sound stupid, fear that you’re writing wouldn’t make sense to the reader, etc. You try to compensate for your writing fears by using stiff, formal sentences and large, important-sounding words to try to “prove” that you know what you’re talking about.   This happens to a lot of writers. This has happened to me. It can easily backfire, as this can sometimes create unfair judgment, and make you and your work sound pretentious. By not being true to yourself, your writing will suffer. Wanting desperately to sound smart in my writing, I took a Creative Writing Class in high school. Well, I took it because I loved writing, but that was a big concern of mine at … Continue reading Injecting Authenticity in your Writing

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